About Elco Medical

Founded in 2015, Elco Medical has quickly risen among other medical equipment suppliers in Klang Valley. Dealing with all types of medical supplies in Selangor, we distribute and market these products to those ranging from hospital HOD to even patients.

Our Story

ELCO Medical Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2015, started the business in the state of Selangor. We are the preferred supplier of medical supplies for mobility equipment, patient-aids, physiotherapy and rehabilitation products, respiratory products, medical disposable, instrument, equipment products to all major hospitals, clinics as well as selling directly to end-users through our retail.

We offer the most complete, highest value line of medical equipment and supplies which range from simple disposable such as gauze, gloves, catheters, surgical tapes etc. to sophisticated equipment like ECG machines, ultrasound machines, operating tables, suction pumps, diathermy set, autoclaves etc.

What So Special About Us

We pride ourselves on only delivering and providing the best medical supplies KL has to offer to our clients. Our highly efficient team of professionals promise our clients impeccable after sales service and humanised customer service. We are always precisely on time with our deliveries, offering clients a wholesome flexible package as well. Client satisfaction is our number one priority and we go above and beyond to achieve it. With this, it is evident how we are the top medical equipment supplier in Selangor.


Excellent Service

Our sublime after sales service ensures we follow up on clients who have purchased our products, to assist them with anything they might need. This is also a testament to our brilliant customer service, where clients always leave with a smile on their face.


Delivery On Time

Being the top medical equipment supplier in Selangor, you can expect to see your order delivered right on time. Not only that, delivered equipment is dealt with care at all times, to ensure your order is not damaged in any way.


Flexible Package

This excellent flexible package we offer our clients would entail us assisting medical professionals and clinics in the planning process in obtaining necessary medical equipment when opening a new health care centre or clinic respectively.

We’re Specialized In

As a medical equipment supplier in Malaysia, we specialize in distributing rehabilitation products, medical equipment and medical disposables. In addition, our company also markets these medical supplies throughout the country as we hope it will reach those that are in need of our equipment and supplies.


Rehabilitation Products

We provide high-grade rehabilitation products which consist of wheelchairs ranging from light wheelchairs to function wheelchairs. Additionally, we also provide ripple mattresses to prevent bedsores.


Medical Equipment

Our line of medical equipment made from the finest and most durable materials consists of weighing scales be it for adults or babies, blood pressure sets, thermometers and various other necessary equipment.


Medical Disposable

We offer medical disposables of the best quality to all our clients which include alcohol swabs, gauzes, sterile gloves and a whole list of others.

Contact Us Now!

Our team of highly skilled professionals work around the clock to provide quality service to all our clients. We here strive to have a collaborative relationship with our clients where they tell us their needs and we accommodate them. Contact us now to get all your medical supplies and equipment!