Absorbent Gauze Roll

Since an absorbent gauze roll is one of the most commonly used bandages in basic wound care, we offer it at 4 ply with an absorbance rate of 6 seconds along with a water intake of 2,500ml. Additionally, the cotton material and its loose open weave will allow the wound to heal safely without sustaining further injuries or risk of infections. To top it all off, the gauze roll is a highly important material for wound management as it guarantees a smooth and painless dressing and redressing experience.



Gauze is a thin, translucent fabric with a loose open weave. This product are pure cotton gauze dressing, soft, well water-absorption, odorless and no side effect to body. This are the ideal type to clean and bind human wound. Gauze is highly important for wound care management. It is used for bandaging a wound, packing a wound and promoting wound healing. Using the right type of medical gauze will help patients to sustain pain, infection and further potential wounds.

No Part Name Qty. Specification Material Colour
1 Absorbent Gauze Roll 1 roll/pack Size : 36” x 100yds
Ply : 4 Ply
Mesh : 19 x 15
Absorbance Rate: 6s
Water Uptake: up to 2500ml
Cotton Natural White