Aluminium CP Paediatric Wheelchair

Our paediatric wheelchairs are specially designed to suit your child’s needs, focusing on assisting the improvement of your child’s development, especially when your child’s mobility and health condition relies on the daily use of a paediatric wheelchair. It is highly important to look for a lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre paediatric wheelchair for more flexible movement control. Our paediatric wheelchair comes with many impeccable features such as a detachable and adjustable armrest, detachable elevating footrest, detachable and height-adjustable headrest as well as recline-and-tilt function, providing greater flexibility to meet your child’s daily needs. What’s more, its foldable frame enables easier storage and travelling convenience, where it can be easily put into a car’s boot or interior.

- Detachable and Adjustable Armrest
- Detachable Elevating Footrest
- Foldable Frame
- Detachable and Height-Adjustable Headrest
- Recline and Tilt Function
- Front: 6” PVC Castor
- Rear: 16” PU Mag Wheel
- Upholstery: Fabric
- Weight: 23kg
- Seat Width: 14"
- Capacity: 75kg