Digital BP Set

A product which is used in many health centres and homes alike, the digital blood pressure set is also available for order with us. It is able to retain up to 90 memories of measurements, with an average three continuous reading in one sitting. Additionally, this device proves to be good at signalling any risks to the user with its built-in Hypertension Risk Indication and its Irregular Heartbeat Detection technology, which could be a lifesaver to many. The set is user-friendly, which makes it the perfect blood pressure set for individuals who are looking to monitor their blood pressure from the comforts of their home.



-90 memories
-Movement Detection
-Real Fuzzy Technology
-Average of Last 3 Readings
-Hypertension Risk Indication
-Irregular Heartbeat Detection(IHB)
-Latex-Free Patented Universal Cone Cuff included