Elco Electric 3 Function Hospital Bed

What are the factors to consider if you want to buy electric hospital bed? Patients conditions such as their level of mobility, the duration of use, healing and rehabilitation requirements, especially after surgery, are some of the crucial factors to consider when you want to buy an electric hospital bed. An electric hospital bed with a simple touch of a button is ideal for both the patients and caregivers as it enables bed adjustment according to patients’ needs, allowing frequent hassle-free positioning with minimal physical strength. It enables a partially reclining position with better back support, offering more comfort. For bed-bound patients, electric hospital beds can help promote optimal blood circulation with easier positioning. Electric beds are practical for patients who require head positioning or foot elevation for post-surgery healing, as well as for transferring and preventing falls.


– Size: 2160 x 1000 x (480-720)
– Remote control and motor
– Silent Double-Side Castor with brakes
– Aluminium alloy side rails
– Punched Steel Based
– Detachable PP Head and Footboard
– IV Drip/Urine hooks
– Including Mattress