Hospital Bed

Hospital bed is one of the most popularly demanded Durable Medical Equipment (DME) in medical facilities and hospitals. Since Elco Medical establishment in 2015, hospital bed supplies have been one of our leading categories of DME, which continues to receive high demand from our clients ranging from large hospitals and medical centres to small and medium-sized clinics.  As for safety, comfort, and mobility are of utmost importance for patients with different health conditions and treatment programmes, we place extra attention on these areas when it comes to our product selections offered.

In addition, we truly understand that the adaptability and versatility of hospital beds enable health caregivers, our hospital bed supplies offer varying functions and features to suit different needs such as patients’ height, weight, diagnosis, comorbidities and mobility. Hence, our hospital beds incorporate safety features specifically designed to prevent fall and pressure injuries, while assisting patients in their positioning and mobility, and alerting health caregivers of a potential mishap in advance.

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