Manual 3 Function Hospital Bed

3 function manual hospital bed is one of the most sought-after beds due to its reliability and operation’s simplicity which can be used in hospitals, medical centres, clinics, nursing homes as well as private domestic use. It provides orthopaedic support for the elderly, injured and disabled individuals. Some of its notable features such as the silent double-side castor with brakes and aluminium alloy side rails offer greater safety and security for users. In addition, detachable pp head and footboard and IV Drip/Urine hooks are highly practical for patients who require extra medical attention and care. The simple adjustment feature makes repositioning easier, which helps promote blood circulation for constant bed-bound patients.


– Size: 2160 x 1000 x (480-720)
– Silent Double-Side Castor with brakes
– Aluminium alloy side rails
– Punched Steel Based
– Detachable PP Head and Foot Board
– IV Drip/Urine hooks
– Including Mattress