Nebulizer Mask

As nebulizer masks are one of the most essential medical products used in the field, we provide high quality nebulizer masks that ensures the oxygen treatment or liquid medication is administered seamlessly. Our nebulizer masks also come with mouth tubes and special nasal nozzles that help make inhalation more effective in treating various respiratory issues. Additionally, it also ensures comfort for the wearer, especially amongst toddlers and children. In fact, our nebulizer masks come in both adult sizes and child sizes, that are packed in easy-peel packaging that are ready to be used immediately.



  • For administration of oxygen treatment to the patient wear.
  • The chamber will contain the powdered medicine which will be diluted into oxygen and being inhaled by the patient. Available with oxygen tubing 82″ or without.
  • Single peel pack and ready for use.
  • Size: Adult and Child