Rehabilitation Products

Physiotherapy equipment Malaysia has been the most popularly searched online keyword amongst healthcare providers and individual caregivers, mainly due to the increasing needs of physiotherapy patients. From established medical centres and hospitals to new clinic and healthcare facility setups, as well as sports (athletes) rehabilitation centres, Elco Medical provides a series of physiotherapy equipment in Malaysia. Our extensive medical rehabilitation equipment ranges from exercise equipment used in physical therapy treatments such as treadmills, pedal exercisers or elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, to mobility equipment such as manual and electric wheelchairs, walkers, etc., just to name a few.

In addition, we also offer a  wide selection of portable rehabilitation devices specially designed and developed for continuous monitoring of patients’ progress in their physiotherapy or rehabilitation sessions. Our medical rehabilitation equipment focuses on its functions and features that can greatly improve mobility, strength, balance and coordination required by patients. Whether you are the procurement officer purchasing medical rehabilitation equipment on behalf of your medical or healthcare facility or an individual who needs to provide physiotherapy assistance to a family member, we offer a wide array of product options that suits your requirements that goes beyond your expectation.

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