Walking Frame

Looking for an ideal walking frame Malaysia? 2-in-1 Function: Reciprocal & Static walking frame is suitable for patients with partial mobility issues who are undergoing rehabilitation programmes or post-surgery healing, be it at home or in hospital. It is also ideal in assisting the movement of elderly patients in-home care or nursing care centre. The foldable walking frame promotes storage convenience, while its light-weight and height-adjustable features allow patients to easily manoeuvre the walking frame to suits their needs.  2-in-1 Function: Reciprocal & Static walking frame provides 2 position modes, namely a “fixed position” for patients with a leg injury who is unable to touch the ground and a “twist position” for patients who needs walking aid such as a weak elderly person.


– 2 in 1 function: Reciprocal & Static
– Foldable frame
– Adjustable height