Elco Deluxe Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Our heavy-duty wheelchair is specifically designed to accommodate a plus-size user or patient based on weight and body shape which require increased width of a wheelchair. A heavy-duty wheelchair is designed to include additional structural features for sturdy support to accommodate almost any user, particularly plus-size users, as it is highly durable and solid.  Some of its notable features include a powder-coated steel frame for better grip and rust-resistant, flip away armrest and detachable footrest for greater flexibility of positioning and movement. The 22/24 inches seat width with the ability to accommodate users up to 130kg offer better comfort and empower independent manoeuvring by the user for easier movement on multiple types of floor surfaces. In addition, the foldable frame of our heavy-duty wheelchair allows greater storage and travelling convenience.


– Powder Coated Steel Frame
– Flip Away Armrest
– Detachable Footrest
– Foldable Frame
– Seat Width: 22”/24”
– Capacity: 130kg
– Rear Wheel 24” MAG Wheel